Andy is the proprietor of 'Andy's Coffee', an Ottawa coffee shop. He would welcome suggestions for the 'Quote of the Day' to put on The Board at the shop entrance. You can reach him at:

Julie Aleqasina Melanie Rane is the Algonquin/Swedish professor engaged to Justus, and provides a good slice of the 'girl-power' in this book. Her research deals with the importance of randomness in life. If you would like to contribute to her research, select a number that reflects your opinion on each of the 5 statements below, and email your answers to her in this (example) format: 2-1-5-3-2

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Julie's Research

1. Randomness is very important in life.

2. Life 'looks' the same from every individual's point of view

3. I often wonder what some other person is thinking about.

4. The meaning of anything depends on context.

5. Happiness is the same feeling for everyone.

Your Opinions?

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